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This page contains information about the data collected about you and your visit to this website.

This will explain what the data are used for and you can do if you want the data stored about you altered, deleted or updated.

At Help2Comply your data will always be handled in accordance with the EU General Data Policy Regulations (GDPR), the Danish marketing law as well as other relevant legislation in Denmark.

The policy will be updated and expanded in order for it to reflect the actual use of your data and the legislation.

This page was last updated on 18 May 2019


Vivi Schytt (owner)
Tlf.: +45 40 11 09 20
Email: vivi [a]


What is personal information?
Personal information or personal data could for instance be your name, email address, IP address, your navigation history on this site.

This policy covers all information being registered when you:

  • Visit and use
  • Send an email or fill out a form on the site
  • Write to us via LinkedIn or other external channels

Which personal information is stored?

Only personal information you approve and that are relevant in order to communicate with you, carry out work for you or send you invoices will be stored. This is also true for any company information you share with us.

We do not store information collected via this website longer that necessary.

Which personal information is shared with others?

When you navigation this website, anonymous information is collected about how you use and navigate the site. These data are shared with Google Analytics where the information is compiled into general statistics about all traffic on the site.

If you sign up to receive our newsletters, your name and your email address will be shared with MailChimp.

These information will furthermore be shared with Help2Comply's marketing agency who uses the data to optimise our website to fit the actual usage and to produce and distribute relevant newsletters.

What to do if you want to have the information deleted?

Contact Vivi Schytt (see contact information above). I will then make sure the information is deleted as soon as possible.


What is sensitive information?
Sensitive information could for instance be information about your or your company's financial situation, your company's products, production facilities, employees, etc.

Help2Comply will only collect and save sensitive information given by you following explicit agreement with your. Certain sensitive information, however, can be required for us to be able to help solve a given task for you.


Our website is hosted with, while mail servers are hosted by Microsoft. Both are reliable companies concerned with data protection and GDPR compliance.

The website and our mailservers are being updated continuously to ensure safe usage. However, we cannot guarantee for the security on these external servers and therefore recommend that you do not send sensitive information via email or contact forms on the website.


What are cookies?
Simply put, a cookie is a tiny smart data file. When you visit a website, a cookie is placed in your browser. The website uses the data file to recognise you if you visit the website again.

Cookies do not contain harmful code, for instance a virus. Cookies will delete themselves after a period of time (the length of this period varies depending on the type of cookie), but they are renewed during each visit. uses functionality that relies on cookies to gather anonymous information about the use of our website.

Such anonymous information include:

  • Your IP address
  • Your browser version and/or operating system and/or device used
  • The number of links you click during your visit to this site
  • The land or area from where you visit the site
  • The date and time of your visit
  • The name of your internet provider
  • The website/service that referred or directed you to (e.g.
  • The pages you have seen during your visit to

Based on these information alone, it is not possible for us to see who you are. Cookies are stored on your computer, mobile or other device and is used for statistical purposes, measuring the website traffic and usage.

You can both block cookie storage and delete the cookies stored on your device. This is done in your browser settings (see this guide).